Kahani's first solo premiere

Kahani Pictures Presents Cordera - a special presentation of iNVANCiTY (On Tour).

After a devastating accident caused by his mental illness, an artist discovers a new perspective on life. 

This is the first episode of iNVANCiTY (On Tour), our popular series uplifting artists and cultural leaders in Vancouver is traveling to find like minded stories in other cities. There are many interconnections between humanity, art, culture, and experiences around the world. Our goal is to demonstrate the similarities as well as the nuances of these experiences, so that audiences from around the world can connect with each other.

Miguel Ángel Cordera is an abstractionist painter whose work has been exhibited around the world. In Mexico, his work has been featured in multiple publications and exhibitions at prestigious venues like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Miguel's art has been described as provocative, eclectic, and exuberant. 

Miguel is bipolar. Many of his artworks stem from his journey with mental health, such as Self Portraits, where he illustrates various states of mania through striking images of himself. 

His life has been forever changed by a dangerous accident caused by a manic episode in 2020. Having suffered life-threatening injuries, Miguel could neither walk nor paint. Through this experience, he discovered a new approach to addressing his mental health and well-being through a unique blend of psychotherapy, psychology, spirituality, and emotional healing. Miguel is reinventing himself in a beautiful way by combining traditional medicines with modern scientific approaches to living with his condition. 

We are passionate about bringing Miguel's story to the screen as Canadian storytellers and artists. A person's journey in mental health and commitment to strengthening ties to their community can serve as an example for others, regardless of where they live. As an iNVANCiTY (On Tour) premier episode, this story is an example of how human experiences transcend cultures and places, connecting Canadians to a Mexican artist's journey and celebrating his contributions.

Nearly 90,000 Mexicans and over 250,000 Latin Americans live in Canada. In addition to improving Mexican representation in Canadian film, bringing these stories to light bridges our countries' relationships. 

Written By
Inder Nirwan
Co-Owner & Filmmaker