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South Asian Students

An exposé on the plight of female international students that are targetted by predators from within their own communities.

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Why We Make Documentaries

Documentaries play a pivotal role in driving social change by illuminating important issues that often remain unseen or misunderstood in mainstream media.


The artists at Kahani are passionate storytellers, seeking the truth in every narrative.


Our documentaries are crafted to touch hearts and minds, leaving lasting emotional impact on our audiences.


We hold the craft of cinema to the highest standard, creating visual experiences that capture the imaginations of our viewers.


We seek to uplift diverse community voices by fostering relationships to co-create our films with the people who's narratives we are putting to screen with dignity.

What we're asked

Can organizations collaborate with Kahani Pictures to produce a documentary?

Absolutely! We welcome partnerships with organizations and individuals who wish to bring light to important causes or stories. Our collaborative process involves working closely with partners to understand their vision and objectives, ensuring the final documentary aligns with their goals while maintaining our high standards of storytelling and production quality. Contact us to discuss how we can co-create a powerful documentary that meets your needs.

How does Kahani Pictures handle the ethical considerations involved in documentary filmmaking?

Ethical filmmaking is at the core of our operations. We adhere strictly to guidelines that ensure the dignity and privacy of our subjects are respected. This includes obtaining informed consent, conducting sensitive interviews with care, and representing stories truthfully without exploiting the individuals involved. Our approach ensures that each documentary is produced with integrity and respect for all participants.

What types of subjects does Kahani Pictures focus on for its documentaries?

Kahani Pictures specializes in producing documentaries that shed light on significant social, environmental, and cultural issues. We are particularly dedicated to telling stories that spark conversations, drive change, and highlight underrepresented communities and topics. Our portfolio includes documentaries on human rights, environmental conservation, and cultural heritage, reflecting our commitment to diverse and impactful storytelling.

What is the typical duration of your documentary films?

Our documentaries can range anywhere from 5 to 90 minutes, allowing us to delve deeply into topics and present a comprehensive view that drives engagement and understanding. In some cases, we've opted to produce a documentary series in order to split longer content into more digestible formats.

How do you ensure the documentary makes an impact?

We focus on compelling storytelling combined with rigorous research and building deep trust-based relationships to create documentaries that not only inform but also inspire action and change, aligning with your organization’s social impact goals.

Can you handle sensitive subjects with care?

Absolutely. Our experienced team is skilled in handling sensitive topics with the respect and dignity they deserve, ensuring that the subjects' integrity and the documentary's impact are preserved.

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