Short documentary about a Black female farmer in Deep South America

Samantha Foxx is one of the few Black woman farmers in America. This short documentary beautifully portrays her day-in-the-life, while exploring the gravity of her legacy as one of only 50,000 estimated Black farmers in the country.

In what was a move to give her son a better life, she wound up finding herself connecting to the souls of her ancestors through her land.

Meanwhile, Black farmers, just like Black anyone, have faced undue discrimination and unfair policy bias when it comes to federal subsidies to farmers in America. Samantha admits that she’s not seen any of the federal aid to the farming industry that North Corlina ought to have divided out.

Not surprising in the least.

This film, made by Courtney Dixon and shot by Thomas Simon, is a beautiful portrait of a beautiful spirit.

Samantha’s mention of being the providor for a community that still struggles to find their next meal gives me a warm feeling that she’s found her calling in life and that she won’t need to worry about whether or not her boys are being raised right.

If I ever visit North Carolina, I’ll be stopping by Mothers Finest.


Directed By Courtney Dixon
Produced by John Cassaras, Pamela Dembo, Janis Vogel
Director of Photography: Thomas Simon
Additional Cast: Chris McPeck, Max Pardon, Mark Harrelson
Gaffer/Loader: Joel Schaeffer
1st AD: Bryson Simpson
BTS Photography: Tim Glover
Sound Operator: Gavin Harwell
Creative Post By Coat of Arms
Edited By Jonathan Lacocque
Assistant Editing: Eric Combs
Post Produced By Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque
Associate post-producer: Grace Lawson
Design Direction/Animation: Ryan Butterworth
Additional Design by Ricardo Nilsson
Colorist: Courtney Feemster
Sound Design: David Jaunai
Original Music By Andrew Ryan and Kaïa Kater-Hurst
Film Processing by FOTOKEM

Written By
Inder Nirwan
Co-Owner & Filmmaker