Short Documentary: Black runners galvanizing the good people of Charlottesville.

Prolyfyck Run Crew is a social project and organization that exists to represent Black runners who choose to participate in community running events through creative and motivational activities.

“Through the language of running, Prolyfyck Run Crew is creating a safe space where Black runners can see themselves represented, and all runners are welcome, in Charlottesville, VA.”

I watched this story this morning while laying in bed.
Did I smile? Yes.
Do I feel like going for a run? Yes.
Do I feel like I’d feel welcome in Charlottesville?

Well, these visuals are certainly a pleasant reprieve from the images we saw on August 12, 2017 where white supremacists rallied for racism in downtown Charlottesville.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Brooks chose to go for a run and it’s brought together a community of people from all walks of life. Even people who very adamantly do not identify as runners.

“Wake your ass up, come be great”. - This just might be my new mantra.

This video was produced by Camp4Collective.


Directors: Faith Briggs + Tim Kemple
Cinematography: Tim Kemple + Umit Gulson + Ladawn Manuel
Editors: Jay MacMillan + Jen Randall
Post Production Supervisor: Kate Holland
Colorist: Camp4 Collective
Sound Design / Mix: Ridgeline Sound
Location Support: Mike Esposito
Produced By: Faith Briggs + Aimee Tetreault

Written By
Inder Nirwan
Co-Owner & Filmmaker